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Board & Training Program

Behaviour Modification

& Rehabilitation

Our Dog Boarding & Training Programs in Sydney involve an intimate understanding of your dog’s natural and individual history. 

Your pet has plenty of potential to learn and understand, 

and my techniques will lay the foundation for you to build upon. 

I combine your needs and wants with the natural attributes of your pet.

This program is designed for our canine companions who, perhaps have gone through some difficult experiences, or just never quite mastered the basics, and now need some intensive therapy to help them move on, step up and enjoy the best life! 

This is where our extra experience in behaviour modification and handling goes such a long way in helping our canine friends successfully modify their old habits in a positive, effective and long-lasting way!

  • Behaviour modification

  • Rehabilitation

  • Reactivity / Aggressive behaviours

  • Help with anxiety

  • Manners & Obedience

We also offer a Basic Obedience Package of training the Sit, Come, Lay Down, Stay and Walking on Lead.

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