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Has Your Dog Gone Mad?

Or Is Your Dog Causing YOU To Go Mad?!?

Either way, we're here to help!

At Dog Gone Mad, we are The Behavioural & Training Specialists.

We deal with all types of Doggy Dilemma's, from Behaviour Modification including Nuisance Barking and Anxiety, Obedience and General Dog Training, right through to "Unsocial"and Aggressive Issues.

If you're looking for an

Effective, Naturally Balanced Approach to canine behaviour,

then Dog Gone Mad could be just what the Dogtor ordered!

"Nathan is truly a wonderful dog trainer... knowledgeable, kind, clear, and consistent. 
Don't waste your time on anyone else!!"             Gina U        

What We Do

Based in the Southern Highlands and servicing:

  • Sydney (Including Sutherland Shire, Hills District, Northern Beaches & the North Shore)

  • Southern Highlands

  • Goulburn & Canberra

  • Wollongong & Illawarra

about us

Nathan McCredie began his canine journey over 15 years ago, learning to train and study canine behaviour.

Dog Gone Mad was born in 2007, and since then Nathan has turned hundreds of dogs and their

owners relationships around - he transforms the madness into harmony and happiness.

For numerous clients, he's been able to succeed where others have not!

Complementing Nathan's exhaustive practical experience is his Certificate IV in Companion Animal Services,

the highest level attainable outside of University.


He has also completed a number of practical and theoretical canine behavioural & psychology courses.

Regularly delivering instruction in Puppy behaviour and has lectured at TAFE.  

Nathan presents Training Packages to Dog Clubs, Private sector organisations and Council Rangers on the

safe handling and care of potentially Dangerous Dogs.

Conducts Behavioural Assessments for a number of pounds and canine shelters.

Delivered training on canine development to the NSW Police Force Dog Unit.

Currently a Trainer/Handler for Dog Force Australia where he's a member of the training team, handling Scent Detection dogs and General Purpose dogs to fulfil service rolls.  

Training Coordinator with the Southern Highlands IGP Dogsport Club.



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What does Dog Gone Mad do


To put it simply (and not to toot our own horn too much!) - we achieve RESULTS!

Positive, life-changing results!  

This may sound over the top, but when your dog is out of control, your life can become out of control.

Now whether your dog has "gone mad" or just needs some help to become an amazing member of your family, Dog Gone Mad will provide you with the knowledge and the tools to help

create harmony between you and your dog.

We are often told by our clients that they've had other trainers in before, unfortunately unsuccessfully, 

but WE are the ones who have been able to achieve results!

The other big difference with us, we are NOT a franchise - this is our Family Business.  

We won't sell you a package of consults or classes when you don't need them. 

And we won't send you "one of our trainers" to help - we send you us!

We will provide you with a tailored service which suits not just your dog, but you also.

What does Dog Gone Mad do


  • Basically, we achieve RESULTS!

  • Dog Gone Mad will provide you with a Tailored, Specialised service

  • We succeed where others have not!

  • Nationally Certified and with over

10 years of extensive experience

  • We are NOT a franchise - this is our             Family Business.  

  • We won't sell you a package of consults or classes when you don't need them. 

  • And we won't send you "one of our trainers" -   we send you us!

What types of dogs does

Dog Gone Mad train?


We deal with every type of dog!

From Big to Small, Shy to Boisterous, Cheeky to just plain Naughty!

We see them all!

We also specialise in Aggression Rehabilitation.

What is your training methodology?

  • Quite simply - BALANCED.

  • Balanced methods + balanced training     = Balanced dog.

  • Drawing on Nathans' years and depth of experience, we utilise a wide range of effective, motivational training methods.  

  • Tailored and specialised, each consultation or package is suited to not only your dog, but also yourself, your personalities and your individual needs.

Why Choose Dog Gone Mad?


Havanese, Dog Training, dog trainer, in house consultation
Gina U
In-House Consultation

In-House Consultation

Nathan has been brilliant with our two dogs! We first met him a few years ago as our little havanese started lunging and barking on lead when she spotted other dogs.

He gave us a small amount of theory and brought a dog with him to work with her.

She was fixed in that one visit!

We were left with a clear explanation of how we were to handle her going forward and

immediately put it in to practice. It has since become a delight to walk her again!

Nathan is truly a wonderful trainer... knowledgeable, kind, clear, and consistent.

Don't waste your time on anyone else!!

Gina U 

dog training
Mary O
Engagement & Obedience Classes

Engagement & Obedience Classes

Just the type of training every dog needs, how to behave in public and be a perfect companion.

Nathan certainly has a wonderful way with explaining techniques and they all work.

Thanks Nathan for helping take Pippa from a great dog to an amazing dog. Much more control and no worries in meeting other dogs and people any more.

Mary O 

dog rehabilitation, dog board anddog training, dog trainertraining
John W
Board & Training Program

Board & Training Program

Our 12 months old Labrador, Coda spent about 3 weeks with Nathan, and the result of the training was remarkable. Nathans approach and method of tapping into Coda's engagement and playfulness makes the training not only effective but heaps of fun (for both parties). Now we have the tools and foundation to continue on. From the training we now have - Successful recall, sit, stay, down, heel and impulse control. We were able to follow Codas progression through videos which was great and you could tell Coda loved the training as his tail was going crazy non stop.

Thanks Nathan for a top job!

John W  

Rehabilitation Program

Lots of people think Labradors are the worlds best dogs and are always perfectly behaved. Well they are the worlds best dogs but it takes lots of time and training to make them perfectly behaved. Sadly, some of the Labradors we save at Labrador Rescue have been through so much that they have serious behaviour issues that are well beyond what our amazing foster carers can handle.

That's when we turn to Nathan.

Not only does he manage to fix some of our most broken dogs, he also sends the foster carers home with new skills so they are able to correctly manage the dogs when they get home.

For this we will forever be grateful!

Katherine MacDonald 


Labrador Rescue 

labrador, dog trainer, dog rehabilitation, dog training dog boad and training
Katherine MacDonald
Labrador Rescue

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